About Crazed Lemming Productions

  • Based in Oklahoma City, OK
  • The source of your new favorite t-shirt
  • Maker of that weird thing your cousin gave you for your birthday

What's Going On Here?
The main focus at Crazed Lemming is custom screen printed apparel, but the available products and services are constantly expanding.

Most of the work is done by owner & sweatshop worker, Ron Butler. Ron is a second generation apparel decorator who grew up in his family's embroidery shop. He has over 10 years experience in screen printing and three decades working with creative projects.

What Else Ya Got?
In addition to custom projects, Crazed Lemming has numerous fun items available and is a retailer for several national brands.

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Crazed Lemming Brands:

  • Crazed Lemming Productions
  • Middle Cat Clothing
  • Butler Dice
  • Lemming Leather
  • Lemming Handmade

3rd Party Brands:

  • FieldNotes (American made pocket notebooks)
  • Incienso de Santa Fe (Natural wood incense)


Oklahoma City USA and Worldwide

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