Custom Screen Printing

Screen Printing (aka silkscreen and serigraphy) is a centuries old printing technique that really took off with advances in technology over the last few decades. It's used to print everything from the humble t-shirt to highly detailed circuit boards.

The main focus at Crazed Lemming is apparel and textiles - especially shirts for bands, events, and artists.

Common Uses:

  • Band Merchandise
  • Event Shirts and Swag
  • Club Shirts
  • Business / Corporate Clothing & Promotional Items
  • Sports Uniforms


  • Up to 6 colors per print location
  • Spot Color Printing
    (basic solid colors)
  • Sim-Process Color Printing
    (fine dots of various colors mix to simulate traditional full-color printing)
  • Pantone Color Mixing
  • Specialty Inks
    (glow in the dark, metallic shimmer, etc)
  • Low Minimums
    (t-shirts:1 dozen per ink color)

Previous Projects:

  • T-shirts
    • Short sleeve, Long sleeve, Tank Tops, Basic cotton to specialty blends, Fashion, Ladies, & Kids
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  • Hoodies & Sweats
  • Polos / Collared Sportshirts
  • Tote Bags
  • Drink Koozies
  • Canvas Punk Patches
  • Shop Rags
  • Bandannas
  • Sports Jerseys
  • Panties / Booty Shorts
  • Posters
  • Paper Shopping Bags
  • Leather Goods
  • Cardboard Boxes




The Basic Process

Screen Printing uses a screen made of very fine polyester mesh. (Usually 100-300 threads per inch.) A stencil is chemically developed in the mesh, and ink is forced through the stencil onto the item.

  1. Art Prep:
    High resolution art is prepared on a computer.
  2. Film Output:
    Each color in the design is separated and output as a black image on its own special clear film called a Positive. (It's like a giant photography negative...but positive...)
  3. Burning the Screen:
    Each positive film is attached to its own specially coated screen. When the pair is exposed to a powerful UV light, the chemical coating hardens in any areas not protected by the design on the film.
  4. Wash Out:
    Rinsing the screen with water washes away any unexposed chemical leaving open areas that will let ink pass through.
  5. Press Setup:
    Screens are clamped in the press and aligned, the stencil is checked for any problems (small holes, etc), edges are taped, and inks are prepared.
  6. Printing:
    Ink is forced through the screen with a hard rubber squeegee.
  7. Curing:
    - Textile inks are heated to over 320°F to cure the ink
    - Poster inks are air dried
  8. Clean Up:
    It's a messy process. There are things to clean afterward.

Custom Button Printing

Buttons! Pins! Badges!

Whatever you want to call them, they're shiny and the Lemming makes a bunch of them.


Common Uses:

  • Band Merchandise
  • Event and Club giveaways


  • 1inch and 2.25inch round pins
  • Full color printing
  • Color accent rings for 2.25in
  • Specialty backs:
    • Magnets
    • Bottle Openers (2.25" only)
    • Purse Mirrors (2.25" only)
    • Flat (1" only, handy for gluing to art projects)
    • Zipper Pulls (1" only)
    • Selection changes occasionally due to parts availability

Previous Projects:

  • 1000s and 1000s of pop culture pins
  • Band merch
  • Custom drawer handles using flat backed 1" buttons
  • Various pins, magnets, bottle openers, mirrors, etc for organizations and events




The Basic Process

There's not much to it. Just mind numbing labor.

  1. Art Prep:
    Art is prepared in templates to get the sizing right.
  2. Printing:
    The art is printed in full color on a laser printer, and each circle is cut out.
  3. Making the Buttons:
    1. Front button parts go in the machine
    2. Pull the handle to press them
    3. Insert the back parts
    4. Pull the handle again
    5. Repeat x 1000
  4. Finishing
    For 1" buttons, the pins have to be inserted manually after the pressing process.

Custom Embroidery

Embroidery is the ancient art of embellishing cloth with decorative stitching. Traditionally, it was done by hand, but now we're in the age of robots and lasers.

Crazed Lemming uses a modern 16 needle computerized beast that looks a bit like an alien spaceship.

Common Uses:

  • Names, Monograms, and Logos
  • Custom Shirts, Jackets, and Hats


  • Up to 16 colors

Previous Projects:

  • Polos / Sportshirts
  • T-shirts
  • Jackets
  • Hoodies
  • Lab Coats & Scrubs
  • Towels
  • Blankets
  • Tote Bags
  • Hats / Caps / Beanies
  • Scarves




The Basic Process


  1. Art Digitizing:
    Art has to be prepared for the specific design and material. It then goes through special software that builds stitch instructions for the embroidery machine.
  2. Testing & Design Tweaking:
    Embroidery digitizing is as much an art as it is a science. Designs often need a bit of tweaking before they're ready for production.
  3. Sewing the Design:
    • The item and appropriate stabilizing material is loaded in the machine.
    • The machine does its thing.
    • The operator babysits the machine to fix occasional thread breaks and errors.
  4. Trimming:
    Any loose threads or excess stabilizer gets trimmed away.

Other Stuff

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Crazed Lemming Productions makes all kinds of stuff.

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  • Cut Vinyl Decals
    One color vinyl stickers.
    Also called "Die Cut"
    • Car decals
    • Window decals
    • Miscellaneous labeling & signage
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl
    • Individual Names & Numbers for Jerseys
    • Simple, low volume custom apparel
  • Leather Goods
    • Carved leather, hand stitching, screen printing
    • Miscellaneous small items
  • Chemically Etched Glassware
  • Aluminum Signs
    • Custom Parking Signs
    • Novelty Decorative Signs
    • Etc
  • Dye Sublimation Printing (up to 8.25"x10.75")
    • Small art prints on aluminum & hardboard
    • Coffee Mugs
    • Numerous other small promotional items
  • Miscellaneous Art & Display Projects
  • Inexpensive Jewelry & Trinkets

Sourced from Quality Wholesalers:

  • Full-color Vinyl Banners
    (cloth, canvas, and other material are also available)
  • Full-color Printed Stickers
    • Small Decals to Large Window Signage
  • Full-color Yard Signs
  • Business Cards & Flyers






  • Leather - Carving:
    The surface of vegetable-tanned tooling leather is carefully sliced and sculpted with various small punches and modeling tools to create low-relief carvings.
  • Leather - Hand Stitching:
    Traditional hand sewing or "saddle stitching" involves using two needles passing back and forth through the same holes. It takes a while to do, but the end product lasts a long long time.
  • Dye Sublimation (or DyeSub):
    A printing technique where a special ink is printed onto a carrier sheet. When heated to around 400°F, the dry ink goes from solid to a gas and merges with special synthetic substrates.
  • Cut Vinyl (sometimes called Die Cut):
    Solid color adhesive vinyl that is cut on a computerized cutting machine. Used to make stickers for car windows, retail windows, laptop cases, etc.
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