The Lemming Story

Quick Facts:

  • Based in Oklahoma City
    Believe it or not, OKC is a diverse metropolitan area with more than cows and tornadoes.
  • Making stuff for 20+ years
    Countless shirts, buttons, decals, and other fun things
  • Lemming goods are everywhere
    We’ve shipped to every US state, most of Canada, and a few dozen other countries.

Owner & Sweatshop Worker.
Most of the work is done by the owner, Ron Butler. Ron is a second generation apparel decorator who grew up in the family’s embroidery shop in the dark ages of the 1980s. He has been in web development, built various mechanical contraptions, organized hordes of zombies, delivered mail, brewed beer, sold antiques, and somehow stumbled into screen printing . (No one chooses screen printing; It’s like a magnet for weirdos.)

The Name.
People ask about the name, so here’s the story:

Crazed Lemming” originally came from comics drawn by Ron’s friends in high school. It’s hard to find a name that isn’t taken. It was either “Crazed Lemming” or a horrible gibberish name like prescription drugs or internet startups.

The Lemming With No Name.
The Crazed Lemming mascot doesn’t have a name, but we love him anyway. He was born in 2005, which makes him about a million years old in lemming years. He’s a happy, chubby little guy who never stops smiling. Seriously, he never stops smiling. It’s creeping me out.