Obey Sunglasses They Live Embroidered Patch


Obey. Consume. Sleep. Or…


Put on the stylish ’80s shades and see the real world around you.

  • Embroidered Iron-on / Sew-on patch
  • Size Options:
    • 4 Inch: 3.875 inch wide x 1.5 inch tall
    • 10 Inch: 9.625 inch wide x 3.625 inch tall

For best results:

  1. Place patch in position and heat from the front to tack it in place. (We recommend using a non-stick teflon ironing sheet to protect your iron from any stray glue on the edges.)
  2. Turn the garment inside-out and heat from the back side to ensure the glue is evenly heated.
  3. Let cool


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